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The Resilience Network provides a full array of assessment and therapeutic services from a trauma informed foundation.  Services are based upon evidenced based research that confirms that healing from chronic and complex trauma is best accomplished through active, experiential and visceral experiences.


Utilizing the latest neuro-science research, our approach is holistic and active. We focus on the present to create a more resilient path forward. It is based on the present condition of our client and is a  much more practical approach. We begin right where you are and move forward by teaching specific resilience skills from a fun, strengths-based, culturally informed, and trauma focused perspective. 

Parent/Child Relational Assessment

This assessment focuses specifically on the emotional strengths and challenges of the child and the adults active in the child’s life. This can include foster parents when applicable. The assessment process is then used to develop a comprehensive resilience skill building plan for children and their parents. 

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Resilience Skill Building | Individual Therapy

Therapeutic intervention is a hands-on approach that is focused on the concrete development of resilience skills. This includes relationship building; age appropriate problem solving; following of social and cultural norms and rules; learning self-calming and mood stabilizing activity; peer interaction skills and the building of supports. Our team works with children who demonstrate behaviors that are troubling to the parent, family, and community. 

Individual Trauma Assessment

The individual trauma assessment focuses on the emotional development of a child impacted by adverse childhood experiences (ACE) or overwhelming emotional events. This assessment is a tool used to identify key developmental and resilience factors in nine primary areas. Our team of trauma experts uses a strength based and experiential approach to facilitate the reactivation of emotional healing and the developmental process.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy is a collaborative process where members of a family work with our team to practice and create a holistic strategy to develop a trusting relationship. We emphasize the development of a positive parenting style from adults interacting with children.  Parents are taught how to best respond to behavior based upon a child’s attachment style and upon meeting the emotional needs of children as a means of correcting and teaching appropriate behavior and resilience skills.


The Resilience Network offers a variety of psycho-educational and resilience skill building groups to provide an added level of support for families. Groups are uniquely formed around common issues or challenges. We offer a safe space for parents, youth, and children to connect with peers for skill practice, learning, and the support of one another.     

Interested in joining a group? Fill out this interest form and a team member will be in contact. 

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Support Group Session


professional developmnet training sessio

The Resilience Network offers comprehensive training, workshops, and educational services to help families and practitioners develop the ability to navigate life challenges in a positive and productive manner.  

We begin with clients right where you are and move forward by teaching specific resilience skills from a fun, strengths-based, culturally informed, and trauma focused perspective. 


Resilience is the ability to bounce back when life presents challenges. Resilience is developed through specific skills taught step-by-step.


The Resilience Network is comprised of licensed professionals who are committed to preventing compassion fatigue among care providers. We offer education, assessments, training, coaching, and a variety of services to prevent compassion fatigue in all it’s forms. Our team will come to your location to provide a tailored experience for your organization.  

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