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Child Therapist

Welcome to the
Resilience Network

We are committed to strengthening families. We believe that building relationships should be a fun experience. Our approach is founded on the latest neuro-science and research applied in a practical way.


The Resilience Network is comprised of licensed professionals who are committed to the healthy emotional development of children and families. We provide the necessary skills to navigate the world with greater effectiveness, satisfaction, and happiness. Resilience skills can be learned at any time throughout life. Learning these skills is an investment that enables us to balance competing demands in life; allowing us to not only bounce back but to bounce forward to greater life satisfaction. The team at The Resilience Network provides a non-traditional approach that is practical, hands on, fun, uplifting and supports the development of Resilience Skills for children, teens, and their families.

The Resilience Network is introducing an exciting 9 week summer camp for children ages 5-8. Hours 9-12 pm. Daily and weekly options available.

Our summer camp will focus on teaching and strengthening children’s resilience skills by instilling positive child development. This exciting opportunity for children will include fun themes, engaging activities, and allow them in making new friends; while learning valuable life skills that will promote and enhance mental well-being and self-care. Aaannndddnd your kiddos will have the best summer ever! It’s a win/win! 

Registration is now open and is required to attend. Space is limited. Click on the link below.

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