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The Resilience Network is comprised of licensed professionals who are committed to the healthy emotional development of children and families. We provide the necessary skills to navigate the world with greater effectiveness, satisfaction, and happiness. Resilience skills can be learned at any time throughout life. Learning these skills is an investment that enables us to balance competing demands in life; allowing us to not only bounce back but to bounce forward to greater life satisfaction. The team at The Resilience Network provides a non-traditional approach that is practical, hands on, fun, uplifting and supports the development of Resilience Skills for children, teens, and their families.


Utilizing state-of-the-art best practices, The Resilience Network offers a wide array of opportunities for children, teens, and their families. We teach coping skills so that our clients can more effectively and naturally interact within family, school, and community settings.  

Combined, we have over 60 years of professional experience with both public and private organizations. We have solid professional relationships with a network of support organizations throughout the Commonwealth and across the Nation.


Our specialties includes Art Therapy, Trauma-Focused Treatment, Expressive Therapies (Music, Drama, Mindfulness), Play Therapy, and Attachment Treatment.  

  • We value the creativity of children and the strength of families.

  • We value the people we work with as much as those we work for.

  • ​We believe that open and honest communication builds the foundation of trust and leads to resilience.

  • We are passionate about the importance of resilience at the individual, family, organizational, and community level.​

  • We believe positive change can happen.


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Heather Peck Dziewulski, LCSW, BCD

Co-Founder & Director of Development

Heather is a pioneer in the human service and behavioral health fields.  She has provided leadership in a wide variety of settings including psychiatric, residential and community-based settings as an administrator, clinician and trainer.  Heather maintained a strength based, trauma informed perspective long before these approaches became mainstream in the profession.  She has developed a variety of creative and influential programs for high risk youth, many have become nationally based norms.  Always on the cutting edge, Heather can move organizations forward and is an expert in organizational and individual resilience.   She has demonstrated expertise in all aspects of an organization from business development, creative clinical programming, workforce training and management.  She has been a leader in System of Care development in both the public and private sectors.

Clinically, Heather has expertise working with high risk children and youth with attachment issues, who demonstrate harm to themselves and others, complex and chronic trauma experiences, severe acting out and depression.  She is particularly skilled working with the families of these children and youth to facilitate healing within the family system utilizing non-traditional, strength and evidence-based modalities.  The goal is always to teach the skills necessary to assist all family members to build resilience to lead full and productive lives.

Heather has expertise in providing clinical consultation, supervision towards professional licensure and helping professionals experiencing compassion fatigue.


Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Hope Stonerook, MBA, LCSW

Hope has a demonstrated ability to deliver mission critical results in a dynamic, fast paced and complex environment.  She has extensive experience in analyzing data to revise, enhance or create new programming to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable populations to include at-risk youth, the elderly and the chronically homeless.  Hope has extensive grant writing experience for both state and federal grants.

Hope has experience and expertise in working with a variety of teams and groups to identify issues and challenges, develop creative solutions and implement these solutions to promote positive and collaborative outcomes.  She has provided facilitation for many groups as well as several boards to develop long range strategic plans.  Hope has provided training on topics such as communication, performance management, documentation, and on technical topics in government programs such as the appeal process, case investigations and workflow analysis.

Hope has over a decade of experience in providing oversight to multi-million-dollar budgets.  She has extensive experience in developing performance measurements to evaluate program outcomes to determine program viability and effectiveness.  She has a keen awareness and the ability to interpret mandates and policy on the local, state and federal levels.

Hope has spent many years supporting the non-profit community by serving on a variety of boards representing a wide spectrum of programming and serving a diverse group of individuals and families.

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